GUIDE: The best Panoramas of Naples That Leave You Breathless

Reducing the best panoramas of Naples to 9 is truly tough.
Indeed, there are many breathtaking views in Naples. The imposing Mount Vesuvius overlooking the sea is the protagonist of every panoramic view of the gulf.

But in the first place, we have:


In front of the characteristic San Martino Charterhouse and a stone's throw from Castel Sant'Elmo, a medieval fortress dominating the Vomero district, this spacious square opens up, unreachable by motor scooters.

Until a few years ago, it was quite common, especially in the evening, to see children and teenagers exchanging rides on a SuperSantos. Now it's completely forbidden (and the area is constantly monitored and guarded), making it even more of a meeting place to admire one of the city's most beautiful panoramas without hearing the noises of urban traffic. An island, on the hill, of peace.

Also suggestive are the views from the balconies of the Charterhouse and from the terrace of the Castle, but access is required.
To get there, you have to walk a bit uphill, but not too much. It's a well-connected area, between funiculars and the subway at Piazza Fuga, Via Scarlatti, and Piazza Vanvitelli.
Also characteristic is the "pedamentina" (pictured) that connects this promontory to the downtown neighborhoods of Naples below.


In the Virgiliano Park, on the Posillipo promontory, there's a side that is entirely on the sea.
You can admire almost the entire breadth of the Gulf of Naples.

From the viewpoint, the view stretches from Mount Vesuvius to the Sorrento coast, from the island of Capri to the area and islands of the Phlegraean Fields. The Posillipo hill is indeed part of the volcanic area of the Phlegraean Fields and is mainly made up of Neapolitan yellow tuff. From the panoramic terraces, you can see suggestive and steep rocky walls overlooking the sea and yellow tuff outcrops with characteristic natural sculptures.
Another island that shows itself, beautiful and close, is Nisida, connected by a bridge to Bagnoli (which currently isn't the best sight).


Defined by many as "the most beautiful in the world," it's the ritual walk of all Neapolitans and recommended to numerous tourists. Besides the sea and the sun, it's also probably the area most valued by local institutions of every era.

Indeed, at the beginning of the waterfront, off Sermoneta, we can admire the seventeenth-century Sebeto fountain, and continuing along Via Caracciolo, we see the marina of Mergellina, with the mooring of hydrofoils to the gulf islands, the many tourist boats, and the fishermen selling fish on the sidewalks or directly from the boats. Further on, we can admire the elegant buildings that overlook the gulf directly, then the gardens and trees of the Villa Comunale, with the harmonica stand, fountains, and the Dohrn Aquarium, the oldest in Europe. Continue to Piazza Vittoria and Via Parthenope, rich in clubs, bars, and restaurants for drinks, coffee, and meals, until you reach the fishermen's village in the structure of the Castel dell'Ovo. Another exceptional panorama is precisely that from the terrace of the castle.
So much history, so much art, so much sun, and so much entertainment.


The Parco del Poggio is a recent urban park in Naples. It's located in the residential area of Colli Aminei.

In the park, there is a children's play area, bleachers for spectators overlooking a semicircular pond with waterfalls in the center of which there is a platform for outdoor shows and cinema, and finally there is a viewpoint from which you can enjoy a splendid panorama of the historic center of Naples and the gulf towards Vesuvius.


Also on the Vomero, there are these two big streets, with adjacent tree-lined squares and benches, which perhaps have the most beautiful view. Whether it's a matter of humidity or air cleanliness, the view of the sea from these streets is incredibly clearer than other areas.
When Naples hosts sporting events that take place at sea, like the America's Cup, sailing fans have been able to perfectly admire the races.

The view from Via Aniello Falcone is decidedly wider, being higher up, and it also has a high concentration of bars. In the summer, Neapolitans enjoy it a lot at night.


The postcard of Naples is inevitably this. From Posillipo, via Petrarca and neighboring areas, the views will give you the feeling of seeing a photographic book of Naples.

And indeed, you might come across other tourists or newlyweds immortalizing their most beautiful day with the brightest and bluest scenery.


From the balcony, at the end of the staircase behind the Duke of Martina Museum, in Villa Floridiana in Vomero, you can see a glimpse of the panorama that can be observed from via Aniello Falcone, but much more isolated.


The Urban Park of the Camaldoli (established in 1980) is an integral part of the Camaldoli Hill and was completed in 1996, the year it was opened to the public. Its surface area is about 135 hectares of wooded area.

The large Belvedere, located a few meters from the Hermitage, is a panoramic point on Naples, Vesuvius, and the Hermitage itself. It is also a point for spotting birds of prey. It is also possible to observe a set of reliefs attributable to volcanic buildings of the Phlegraean area (the Astroni Crater) or relics of the same (Monte Sant'Angelo and Monte Spina which delimit the basin of Agnano, home to a lake basin reclaimed in 1870), and, in the background, the Posillipo hill that borders the tuff caldera of Fuorigrotta and Bagnoli.


A new panorama of Naples is accessible to the public. The elevator of Monte Echia has been put into operation, allowing the enjoyment of one of the most beautiful belvederes of Naples.
Open to the public is the Monte Echia observer, which will connect an area of the waterfront to a belvedere of high historical-cultural value.

The new belvedere and the redevelopment of the existing site's belvedere are the first step in a more general redevelopment, which also involves the interest of the State Archives, military section (Palazzo Carafa, also the set of "Bastardi di Pizzofalcone").

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